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Maths GCSE 101:

Exam boards, mark schemes, key dates and everything else you need to know: 

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This guide contains plenty of helpful information such as:

  • A complete and up-to-date guide about the Maths GCSE exams that parents can use to inform themselves and help their kids get ahead in preparing for the said exam.

  • Plenty of practical and useful information including details on exam boards, mark schemes, key exam dates for 2020, key stats on areas and Maths topics where students struggle the most, as well as useful tips to passing the exam from an expert Maths tutor.

  • Other helpful tips and advice about Maths GCSE - including a handy infographic comparing the latest 1-9 marking scheme (introduced from 2015 onwards) with the old A*-G system which parents would be most used to.

  • Links to useful resources such as study notes, Maths revision guides, past papers for each exam board, as well as relevant textbooks that parents and their kids will find very helpful.



Java Script (Java installation required)

Miscellaneous Mathematics Resources

Excel Spreadsheet

  • Mathsfiles - a collection of resources in Excel and HotPotato

GCSE Maths



Java Script (Java installation required)

Excel Spreadsheet

  • DISCUS (Discovering Important Statistical Concepts using Spreadsheets)

Teaching resources

Teaching tips and theory

How to guides ...

How to Create and Use an Interactive PowerPoint Quiz Game

Make-a-quiz (a free online multi-choice quiz making tool - produces a html page for students to use online)

Excel Files (plenty of excel based resources - useful to see how to use excel in a more creative way)


PowerPoint Presentations

Java Script (Java installation required)

Mechanics eBook (from TeacherNetUK by Sean Boyle)

Mechanics Interactive (from McGraw Hill Publishers)

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