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Maths-Quarter is an exciting new tool in learning and teaching 'AS' level Mathematics in the UK. There are interactive equations where you are taken through each stage of the mathematical method.


Check this new site out ... excellent for students, teachers and parents.


Are you looking for some interesting starters for A level maths ?
If so, try
Rich Starting Points for A level Mathematics.

A very interesting site by Jonny Griffiths, a collection of interesting and challenging problems.

Dingle Granby Toxteth Educaation Action Zone

Translated letters for schools

A large collection of typical school letters translated into a wide range of languages. Download pdf or word versions.

1. What is a GCSE or AS/A2

In the UK, at the age of 16, students take a set of examinations making the end of compulsory education. These are

a) GCSE's - General Certificates of Secondary Education. For mathematics there are 3 tiers of examinations that students can take,

Foundation level : lowest level achieving grades G to D
Intermediate level : achieving grades E to B
Higher level : achieving grades D to A*

The average grade at GCSE grade at GCSE level is taken to be D, but most colleges and employers will expect a grade C or above in Maths and English.

b) AS/A2 levels - Advanced level courses taken after GCSE's. usually at colleges and required prior to going to university to study for a degree. The two types are AS - for 1st year courses - and A2 - for second year courses. Student usually take 4 AS's in the first year then specialise in 3 A2's in the second year.

2. Are these the only qualifications ?

No. There are a series of vocational qualifications that students can take at GCSE and AS/A2 levels. These are GNVQ's (general national vocational qualification) and AVCE's (advanced vocational certificate of education) respectively.

There are also qualifications that are known as Key Skills in Application of Number, Communication and Information Technology. However, these have not been very successful despite attempts to make them compulsory at post 16 education.

3. Who is 2July aimed at ?

Originally it was set up to share resources and information with colleagues and students, especially as the college or school IT systems were either unavailable or too difficult to update and amend as required.

It has been running for almost 6 years in one form or another, now known as 2July for the last 3 years.

4. Are the resources and downloads free ?

The resources and downloads written by myself are all free to copy, use and adapt as you wish. I try and only include resources that are free, however some external software and resources may require registration and/or payment for their full use. I have no control over the content of externally provided software or resources, and at times these will change in content and link address.

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